The Sound of Drumming Fingers

Drumming Fingers

 6 days until the Heels play BC.  9 days until the Super Bowl. 12 days until National Signing Day.   I think I may become unhinged. 

Not being an MLB fan, the worst part of the sports year for me is that time around the middle of summer after the College World Series has concluded (or the Heels are knocked out) and before the beginning of football practice in August.   As a father of two girls, sports — primarily Carolina athletics — serves as a brief respite of testosterone and television in a world otherwise dominated by female concerns.  In the fall, it’s easy to become accustomed to the rhythm of the press conference, practice report, Saturday game schedule.  Then for an all-too-brief time, football and basketball overlap, and then we settle in to the two game a week schedule of college basketball.

So where’s the consideration for a guy like me when Ol’ Roy puts together a schedule with this GINORMOUS eight day layoff?!  With all the effort I put in to ensure that I convey only positive mojo through the TV or radio (the Bodacious and Brilliant Emily, a.k.a. Mrs. BBE, would readily attest to my superstitious neuroses during game time), you would think that I could get a little consideration.  But NO.

 Guess I just have to find something else to do.  I guess there’s bound to be a State loss on the horizon…. 


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