Bringing ’em up right

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Being the son of dook parents, and Mrs. BBE being the daughter of a proud and rabid Wolfpack fan (and a sane ECU alumna), I am acutely aware that my collegiate allegiance is not guaranteed to be passed to my daughters. It won’t be for lack of trying.

We’re going to try to “bring ’em up right.” They’re Carolina Kids Club members. They’ve been to “Meet the Heels.” They’ve spent game day in Chapel Hill. They get Carolina bed time stories. The get “Hark the Sound” sung to them as a lullaby.

Or they used to, anyway. I can’t do it anymore. Sung soft and slow, the melodious tones of my alma mater had previously served me well in trying to sing them to sleep. However, because of my aforementioned efforts, they now know about the crowd participation moments of the song. They shout “N! C! U!” and “Priceless Gem!”. (They don’t do the G_ T_ H___ State! part. –Yet.) Anyway, it obviously defeats the purpose of a bed time song for children to be shouting. Sadly, I will have to stop this family tradition and find some other way to get the girls to sleep.

I tried to tell them about the history of the Victory Bell and the Carolina-dook football rivalry, but that didn’t work either.

They just laugh.


2 Responses

  1. Don’t forget that Hailey can pick Roy Williams out of a crowd! And that she says “ewwww” every time she sees anything Wolfpack Red or Duke blue!

  2. She means “dook,” of course…

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