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In trying to kill time until the BC game on Thursday, and since this blog still has that “new blog” smell, I thought it would be good to list some Born and Bred Ed Tar Heel favorites. Feel free to add your own.

Favorite Tar Heel Basketball Player(s):

I have to go with Numbers 34 here. George Lynch and David Noel.

As much as I love to see guys who fill up the basket or streak down the court, I love these guys because of their leadership and willingness to do everything to help the team, even the stuff that doesn’t get readily noticed. PsychoT will likely surpass Lynch on the career scoring list during our next game, and I sincerely hope we get to hear something from Eric Montross on the THSN broadcast about him.

Favorite Tar Heel Football Player(s):

If you didn’t think I was a sentimentalist already, this will seal it.

Ronald Curry and David Thornton.

I have to admit, this was tougher. Pep was close, as were LT, Natrone, Durant and several others (I was LC Stevens RA, and he was cool, so he’s also got a special spot in my heart).

The way Ronald Curry could do so much with NO help just astounded me. I also think that the achilles injury robbed us of some spectacular games. I also love the way he has adapted to receiver for the Raiders (though I’d love to see him on a better team). David Thornton’s story of walk-on to scholarship to starter to NFL starter is just an outstanding example of the power of hard work.

Favorite Roy Williams Quote:

This is from this month’s Tar Heel Monthly. I still laugh when I read it, in light of my original post on this blog:

“My secretary gave me an e-mail last week, and she shouldn’t have done it, because it was negative. I don’t want to read that crap. We know what the hell we’re doing; I don’t need anybody else to tell me what we’re doing right or wrong. But I got this e-mail and my secretary handed it to me, she said, ‘You’ve got to see this.’ It was sent to Dick Baddour and he was supposed to pass it along to me. It said, ‘Dear Coach, Tyler gets that basketball inside and he dribbles and he holds it. He loses it 3-4 times a game and he doesn’t make the shot. That’s costing us 6-8 points a game. That’s cost us already, but it’s going to cost us big-time down the line. I hope that Coach Williams would address this situation and get him to change that.’ So I’m thinking… he’s a pretty good player and he’s doing pretty well again this year. I’ve always wanted to do this, so I realized one of my dreams. I got Jennifer, and I wrote it out, said ‘E-mail this back: Dear so-and-so, some idiot is using your name and sending an e-mail to the office criticizing our coaching of Tyler Hansbrough. Please tell that idiot, if you happen to see him, that we have forgotten more basketball than he will ever know. Thank you very much for your interest in our program.‘ I’ve always wanted to do that, and it was a great thrill.”

I’m sure I’ll have more favorites to add later. I look forward to reading yours.


3 Responses

  1. Oh man…so many to list and so little time. Hansbrough is currently the favorite of my household. My 7 year old son worships the very ground that he and Ty Lawson walk on. He got a wicked sweet Hansbrough jersey for Christmas that I have big plans for when he outgrows it. It will look very nice in a frame in my office.

    That being said, I was a HUGE JR Reid fan. Huge. Forte was cool although I wish he would have stayed longer. I could go on and on.

    In terms of football, I am actually a Raiders fan, so Curry is a favorite of mine. Julius Peppers is my favorite all-time though. He was a monster on the court too.

  2. Few things were funnier than an opposing player getting off the deck after being fouled by Pep. For a split second you can see them ready to react angrily…then they get a look at Pep…you can almost see the thought “He could snap me like a twig” cross their face before they turn and slump away.

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