A Recovering Junkie


Hello, everyone. My name is Ed and I have a problem. I am an anticipation junkie. In layman’s terms, I follow UNC football recruiting. (I used to have this problem in basketball, but Roy’s got us set for the next three years or so…)

Deep down, I’ve known I have a problem for a while now. It hit home when someone asked me about who we’re going to get and I realized that I know about a dozen names that are committed or sure to commit, and after that I have nothing but speculation, rumor, innuendo, gut feelings and dissected interview quotes. As much as I have read about official visitors, recruiting targets, positions of need, etc., etc., I have added very little new knowledge in the last month about who is coming to Chapel Hill next year. I should swear off, but it’s hard, dadgummit. Butch Davis and John Blake just have me so excited about the future of our football program that I can’t help it.

I am going to try to be more reasonable about it, however. If you have the same problem, maybe we can commiserate together. If you are part of the problem, then let me pass along this advice (from UNCGrad1993 on The Tar Pit):

1. If you have “inside” information, by all means post it, even if you cannot reveal your sources, that is part of what we pay the premium dues for

2. If you do not have inside information but instead are posting based on what you have read on other websites or your “gut”, make that clear when you post.

3. If you have inside information but cannot post it, don’t tell us. We don’t care. We care only about the information. The fact that you are well connected means nothing to us unless you can give us information.

4. We all have tremendous appreciation for the work the Mods on this board do. We could not function properly during this time if it weren’t for the Mods.

Sage advice. I would add:

5. Don’t get hung up on what 18 year olds decide to do with their lives. Be confident in the knowledge that UNC is a fantastic school, Tar Heels are among the best fans in the country, there are few places better to play or watch a football game than among the pines in Kenan Stadium, Butch and Co. know what they’re doing, and, if anyone should turn down a chance to go to UNC, it is their loss.

One week to go.


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