My Favorites (continued)

These are a few of my favorite things

How can you not love that? Seriously. Anyway, more favorites:

Favorite Basketball Game:March 20, 2005 UNC 92 – Iowa State 65

This one was really tough. Admit it. Eliminate the championship victories (that’s cheating), and you’d be hard pressed to name just one favorite game.

I like this one for several reasons. The Iowa State players had said they weren’t scared to run with us. (HA! Wrong answer.) This game also told me that we really could win the whole thing. After being out four games and several weeks with that gastrointestinal illness, Rashad McCants had showed decently in the ACC tournament against Clemson, but we dropped the next one to Georgia Tech and looked listless doing it. Against Iowa State, McCants had 17 points, 4 assists and a steal in 25 minutes, and it was apparent that all the pieces of the puzzle were in place and the Heels had a date with destiny.

Favorite Football Game:

September 24, 2005 UNC 31 – NCSU 24

Sometimes I even wonder about myself. “Self,” I say, “How can you pick a game at Carter-Finley as your favorite Carolina football game?” I guess it’ s because this one stands out. I’ve been to several really fun games at Kenan, and I love the game day atmosphere there. But I’ve only been to a handful at C-F and this game was so much FUN.

You have to remember that this game was coming off the goal-line stand/T.A. McClendon fumble from 2004. Every rabid Pack fan had convinced themselves that it was a fluke and they had been jobbed by the officials. This game was supposed to be their revenge. They are a football school, after all. Instead, we come in and run all over them (when we hadn’t run on ANYBODY all year). The final score was only interesting because they came back in the second half. The stadium was like a tomb, and THEN they started booing Chuck “Fast Lane” Amato, signaling the beginning of the end of the Red Shoes era. I still get the giggles about that game.

Favorite Walk-Ons:

Pearce Landry and Charlie McNairy. Both Morehead Scholars, these guys were about as white bread as they come. But they worked hard and Pearce had a respectable game and got some significant minutes. I throw Air McNairy in there, too, because we had a calculus class together and he was a genuinely cool guy. Honorable Mention: David Neal went to my high school. David got mop minutes and was one of those guys that made you scream “Shoot it!”

Favorite Image:

Sorry PsychoT, but the original is still the best. Eric Montross standing at the free-throw line in Cameron with blood trickling down his cheek is the best single image I can think of. Still gives me goose bumps… of pride. Pridebumps. Woo.

Favorite Game Watching Moment:

1993 Championship Game, UNC v. Michigan

A whole slew of guys watching the game in a condo at Kingston Plantation in Myrtle Beach, SC. One of the guys, who was a decent fellow most of the time, was a bandwagon dookie and was rooting for Michigan. At one point in the second half Jalen Rose hit a three pointer. The rest was slow motion comedic gold.

So Rose hits the three and this dookie leaps off his seat and thrusts both fists in the air, saying “YES!” except he only gets out the “Ye-.” He had thrust his hand right into the moving blades of the ceiling fan, right at the base of one of the fan blades. The metal fork attaching the wooden blade to the rotating center just snapped in half and the fan blade goes shooting across the room. As he crumples into the fetal position on the floor clutching his wrist in his gut, the blade hits the far wall with a thud and falls straight down behind the headboard of the bed.

I missed the next minute of the game laughing.


3 Responses

  1. Favorite Player – Vince Carter
    Favorite Roy Williams Quote – “I don’t care if it is your Aunt Bee or your cousin Urkel. If they’re going to cheer for the other team and you need to be nice to them, send them a dang Christmas card” (i.e. don’t give your complementary tickets to a relative who uis going to cheer for the other side)
    Favorite Tar Heel-related book – Wes Miller’s “The Road to Blue Heaven”
    Favorite game-watching moment – I have absolutely no idea who we were playing or when it was, I just remember that I was watching it with my family, including my sister who was at the time a student at UNC, and at one point, I wrote “I love UNC” on a write on/wipe off board and showed it to my sister. From then on, I was a UNC fan (in a Wolfpack family).

  2. I was at the UNC-Iowa State game in Charlotte, the NCAA’s being the last major event @ Charlotte Coliseum. I more distinctly remember the Mississippi State cheer leaders teaching Heels fans their cheers, so that when the ensuing game against Duke tipped off, it had the atmosphere of a Bulldogs home game. Participating in that rare fan experience was very satisfying.

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