Not a cat guy

Ankle hunter

I don’t know if I’m a “cat” guy.

But I can tell you that our new housemate is not a “guy” cat. I don’t mean that because I had him neutered. I mean that he doesn’t like guys. Or maybe he just doesn’t like me… perhaps because I had him neutered. So I guess it could be because I had him neutered. But I digress.

Philosophically, I’m not opposed to soft fuzzy things. I am not partial to soft fuzzy things with needle sharp claws that stalk you silently and invisibly in the dark to attack your achilles tendon when you least suspect it. Originally, I could get him to purr when I threw toys for him to pounce, but now he only purrs when I feed him or when my ankles come into view. And even though she’s four times his size, he terrorizes my sweet but stupid beagle.

In the end, he’s going to stay, because he’s suckered my wife and daughters into thinking he’s a sweet ‘ittle kitty cat. I know better. He’s an ankle stalking predator.

P.S. I think he stinks, too. (That may just be Virginia)


One Response

  1. Not only is he the coolest cat ever, but he does like you! And he doesn’t stink! Don’t pick on my cat!

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