BC Beat Down

Holy cow. I’ve been saying elsewhere that our defense against Miami really wasn’t that bad. They were hitting a lot of jump shots with a hand in their face. We got after BC much better tonight.

Can I say, I love when Roy pulls out the five out-five in substitution? I thought he could have done it at Maryland. Maybe he did and I missed it. Anyway, it worked tonight like so many times in the past. The subs come in with a burning intensity and ratchet everything up, while Roy chews a little behind on the bench. Then the starters return and it’s a whole new ball game. I love it.

I’m glad that we finally got to see the Deon Thompson that we were hearing about all summer. Good, good game for Deon. I hope he can do it again.

I enjoy watching Danny Green dance. He seems like a fun guy. But I think the boy must have rocks in his head. He makes about 5 times the number of boneheaded moves of anyone else. He leaves his man, throws the ball away, tries to dunk from the three-point line (it looked that far to me, anyway). It’s so frustrating to see him have the potential to do so many good things and ruin it by all the dumb decisions. It’s like my daughter the kindergartner. Sweet, funny, loving, outgoing, artistic and smart as a whip. Then she goes and crushes her snack into the carpet at school. WTF?!! What were you thinking?!

I’m hoping Roy’s Boys can take some confidence from the solid stretches of defense in this game and build on it at FSU so that we’re ready to play 40 minutes of D against the Dookies.


One Response

  1. No mention of Tyler’s 360? I missed the 5 in 5 out sub because I was driving home from Kentucky. I kept refreshing the score on my cell phone and couldn’t believe it was another close one with a bad team. By the time I got home, they had the lead up to 6, then it was blow out city.

    Great game. Agreed on Danny Green. He is so talented, but sometimes (usually in blowouts) tries the stuff you pull out in a game of H-O-R-S-E. Gonna have to be really strong VS. DOOK. Here’s one thing I noticed though..DOOK has NO inside game. I mean none. Tyler should have a field day unless they punch him in the nose again.

    Can’t wait.

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