The potential for humiliation rises.


I admit that when Ty Lawson went down and did not return in today’s game against FSU, I was concerned. As in: I am concerned that I could die from asphyxiation if I don’t stop vomiting. But good things come to those who wait, and my stomach emptied. And I had an epiphany. There is a bright side.

Pain and Humiliation. Why is pain and humiliation a bright side, BBE? I’m glad you ask. I’m not talking about our pain and humiliation. I’m talking about Dook.

Remember in 2006? We went into Cameron with a bunch of freshmen and nobodies. Dook had the “Landlord” and Mr. All-America and it was their senior night. Result? UNC 83 – Dook 76. Admit it. That was the sweetest win of the year.

And now we have a chance to do it again. Ty Lawson, one of the best point guards in America, goes down with a high ankle sprain. Bobby Frasor is out for the season. Quentin Thomas is starting. Dook is ranked higher than we are and no one expects anything out of Q. If we can pull out the upset win, it will be glorious for us, redemptive for Q, and excruciating for the Dookies. What could be better than that?


One Response

  1. The only thing that could be better than that is to have Number 5 run onto the court in pre-game looking as fast and healthy as ever. I’m sweatin’ that deal big time. We need Wheezy and Ginyard to step up (cliche) big time. Dook has no front court so Tyler should go insane. It might come down to guard play, which on paper looks real bad for our boys.

    That being said, when Dook and Carolina play, you can throw everything out the window. How many hours till gametime?

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