Most Hated


I spent some time last week expounding on My Favorites (1 & 2).

In honor of the upcoming game against dook, it’s time to break out the Most Hated list. Enjoy and feel free to add your own.

Most Hated Rival:

Duh. Dook.

Most Annoying, Pitiable, Ignorable, Irrelevant Rival:

MooU (aka NC State)

Most Hated Non-Dook Basketball Player:

This is tough, but I have nightmares about Randolph Childress having sold his soul to Satan in order to be able to hit some of the shots he hit against us. That guy would just go unconscious on us. rrrrgghhh, I hate that guy…

Most Hated Dook Basketball Player:

Is this possible? How could we possibly narrow it to one? We hate Laettner for the Stomp, Battier for the Flop, and JJ for his shot, but the truth is, those guys were really talented players, even if they were punks of the worst order. This award goes to Wojo. Has anyone ever gotten more hype out of less talent? I mean what could he do besides slap the floor and clap his hands? [H/T Akulawolf]

Most Hated TV Announcer:

No question — Billy Packer. God’s gift to basketball has never met a Hall of Famer he couldn’t out-coach. I turn down the sound and listen to Woody when I can anyway, but if I had no radio signal I would still mute the set if Packer is on. At least Dookie Vitale gets excited and positive about the game and the players, even if he does reference Dook at random and inappropriate times. Packer is an armchair coach wannabe that has nothing to offer but criticism at every possible opportunity. He also holds the distinction of being the only person on the planet besides Coach K hisself that didn’t think Henderson’s elbow to Hansbrough’s face was wanton and flagrant.

Most Hated Kommercial:

K’s American Express. ‘Nuf said.


Most Hated Fruit:

The raisin.

It looks like Battier’s head.

Most Hated Coach:

Mike “the rat” Krzyzewski.

Honorable Mention: Rick Barnes (How can you get in a shouting match with Dean Smith? It’s like slapping your grandma. Jerk.)

To be continued…


One Response

  1. Great list. Here is what amazes me…It seems like the guys that go to Dook, especially the ones I hate (which is just about all of them) are there FOREVER! A good example would be Paulas. Just graduate already…freak.

    What is even funnier is that Coach K generally hires the ones you hate the most for his staff. For example…Wojo. It wasn’t bad enough that they played for him for 10 years, then they go to his bench since Dook players cannot make it in the NBA like UNC players can.

    All that to say that I think it’s a tie between Cherokee Parks and Paulas. The list of guys I COULD stand is shorter. Let’s say J Williams and Grant Hill.

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