I can’t say anything nice.


You know mama’s rule: If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all. So….

There was a Carolina-Duke game last night.

[whistle whistle whistle]

[crickets chirping]


And, uh… Duke won.

Which is to say that, with Tywon Lawson (point guard #1) and Bobby Frasor (point guard #2) out of the game, and Wayne Ellington and Danny Green having one of their worst shooting nights all year…. Duke was up 5 whole points with under a minute to play.

Congratulations, Duke. [slow clap]


4 Responses

  1. I can’t believe I am saying this, but if Tyler (of all people) makes his free throws, they only loose by 4. Completely changes the last 2 minutes of the game because they don’t have to foul. Not like it’s all Tyler’s fault, but those of us that bleed Carolina Blue are looking for silver lining and moral victories.

    Think about it. Lawson back at 100%, Green and Ellington find their stroke, Tyler is Tyler, Thompson stays out of foul trouble and dook comes back to earth on the 3 point shooting (Paulas especially), we have a totally different game in Cameron. Everyone of those is a very real possibility and not a hope or stretch.

    I like our chances in the rematch with a healthy Lawson.

  2. so do I, nice site

  3. Waaaaaahhhhh. Waaaaaaaahhhh. Would you like some cheese with that whine? Are you telling me that Danny Green and Wayne Ellington’s poor shooting was their own fault and had nothing to do with the defensive pressure Duke put on them? Oh they just lost their stroke….right. All-Americans do not lose their stroke……….At home……..Against #1 rival. Now while I will agree that if Lawson plays he more than likely gets Ellington a few more better looks, but he doesn’t make him shoot 80%! He’s fast, but as a team with the 4 guard lineup essentially that Duke runs, as a team Duke is much faster than the Tar Holes.

    Also if Duke could have made a free throw at any point in the game they beat UNC by close to 20. Rematch 3/8 then we will see whether your Lawson excuse holds any merit. Citager

  4. Without shortchanging Duke’s defense, which is admittedly stout and unrelenting, Green and Ellington both got lots of open looks and couldn’t convert.

    The loss of Lawson just throws the whole rhythm of the team off offensively.

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