More to worry about


I’ll be honest: I’m worried about this one.

When Lawson went down, I did not think it was impossible for us to beat Duke. As good as Duke is, they have NO answer for PsychoT. If Green or Ellington could have done anything, I think we beat Duke.

Looking past Duke, I thought we would have real problems against Clemson without Lawson. Unlike Duke, Clemson has the personnel down low to take Hansborough’s effectiveness down a couple notches, requiring our guards to step up. I didn’t see anything against Duke to instill any confidence that we can do that.

Clemson is coming off two comfortable wins against BC and UVA, is still 3rd in the league standings, and their only other conference loss besides one to us and one to Duke is a three point loss to Miami. And we didn’t exactly handle them in Littlejohn last time, either.

I ‘ll optimistically assume that Green or Ellington show up and we keep Rivers from going ‘Paulus’ on us. UNC 75 – Clemson 70


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