Double OT to preserve The Streak. That was gut wrenching and painful. I’ve never been hungover, but I bet it’s something like this. Imagine if you were a Clemson fan.

That truly has to be painful. You could see it in their eyes as PsychoT took over in the second overtime: “It’s going to happen…again.

I think I’ve decided that if the Psycho T moniker ever becomes overdone, his new name will be Tyler “The Inevitable” Hansborough. The man just will not be denied.

I can’t imagine how a guy like Quentin Thomas, with all he’s gone through during his career, starting with that debacle against Santa Clara in his home town, can step up and drain two HUGE free throws to keep the streak alive. That kid’s got big’uns. Next up: UVA. Time for a beat down. My stomach needs a rest.


One Response

  1. That looks more to me like the middle of an uncomfortable drinking episode. The head goes into the toilet, usually preceded by, and then followed by, the words, “God help me, I promise never to drink again.”

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