Comfy Floor Syndrome


Have you ever been so tired that the floor looked irresistably inviting to just lay down and go to sleep? I get this when I’ve been at the mall with Mrs. BBE for more than 3 hours or so. She sees me eyeing the paper thin carpet like it’s our Sleep Number bed, and I’m seriously analyzing whether I can hide myself in that rack of Sunday School dresses and pass out.

I have to imagine that’s how Roy’s Boys feel about now.

That was a grueling, gutty game. The desperation was palpable on the part of the Virginia players. I’m looking at the stat sheet and wondering how it’s possible they shot less than 30% from 3, because it seemed like every time they needed one they got one.

Marcus Ginyard is a tough cookie. His presence was critical tonight and he toughed it out for the team. I love having a guy like that, but it seemed like everyone made a contribution, and anytime you have a 1 point win, every little bit was crucial.

It is obvious that we are a much better offensive team when we can turn the other team over. The reason they were in the game at the end is because they had 15 more field goal attempts than we did. We really need someone at the point that can pressure the ball. Ty Lawson may not be Derrick Phelps, but it’s obvious that he brings more of that aspect than poor old Q.

I don’t know how much rest and healing can go on in three days, but I hope our guys can get some. Even if they have to find a patch of floor.


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