The Woodshed


Hokies…woodshed. Woodshed…Hokies.

It seems there’s a rite of passage wherein the pater familia begins to succumb to the infirmities of age and the upstart young ‘un decides the time is ripe to take on the old man. The response goes something like this: “I may have a _______ [sprained ankle][turf toe][back spasm][bout of the flu][hyperextended knee][pus-filled toe], but I can still whoop the tar outta you, boy.

The performance by the Tar Heels today was inspiring and unlike anything we’ve seen from this tired, disjointed team in the last few weeks. They didn’t always know where to be on offense, they didn’t play the best defense in the world, but they played with gritty determination getting to seemingly every rebound on both ends of the floor, and scoring points from every position and every spot on the floor.

Let’s hope we can get a little more rest and recuperation and take a return visit to the woodshed in Raleigh next week (the Pack should remember the way.)


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