Reversing the Mojo


I got up this morning and absentmindedly started to put on a red shirt. After realizing what I was doing, I ripped it from my flesh and threw it to the floor of my closet. But I had a bad feeling that the damage had already been done.

I am ridiculously and inconsistently superstitious when it comes to Carolina. And I have been freaking out about this game since I inadvertently inflicted the aforementioned bad mojo this morning. It just gave me a bad feeling.

That feeling continued when I caught some of David Glenn’s radio show and they had a guy from the ’85 class at State who was a sophomore on the ’83 championship team. And he told some really funny stories. As a parting gift, DG and his producer talked about giving the Pack “good karma” in return for being such a good guest (since they didn’t have anything else to give as a gift). That karma gift just set me off biting my nails again.

So tonight is Mrs. BBE’s book club and I had the girls (bad scheduling being a bad omen in and of itself) so I took the girls to the Sanford Ham’s to eat and watch the game. And the big screen was out. So after watching an excruciating first half (save for the 9-0 run to close it out), we left. Now, be assured that if we had played well, I would have been really nervous about leaving and messing up the good mojo. As it was, it was time to get out there and see if we could reverse the bad mojo.

UNC 84 – NCSU 70


This kind of thing is why folks like me are superstitious and neurotic when the game is on.


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