How It’s Done

From this morning’s N&O:

It’s called the ”Free Expression Tunnel” at N.C. State, and some North Carolina fans used it to freely express their pleasure over the Tar Heels’ 84-70 victory Wednesday night over the Pack.The 150-foot underground tunnel on campus was painted Carolina blue hours after the Heels’ victory at the RBC Center. The final score was highlighted in black paint while the Carolina logo and UNC’s Old Well — the campus landmark smeared with red paint before the game — were painted in white.

The ”expressions” included: ”Rednecks!” and ”Go Blue!” and ”Roy doesn’t need a red suit.”

NCSU students quickly added their own ”expressions,” such as: ”Look, mommy, we beat an unranked team, let’s drive 30 miles to rub it in because we have no class.” Another read: ”I knew there was a reason I hated Carolina.”

There were other State comebacks such as … let’s just say they did not fit in well with the directive to refrain from offensive or hateful messages.

Many State students silently shook their heads Thursday afternoon as they walked through the tunnel, which usually is filled with colorful murals.

”I think it’s way over the top,” said Josh Price, a junior from Blacksburg, Va., who attended the game. ”It’s not like it was a big game for [Carolina]. It’s probably revenge for the paint on the Old Well.” [DUH. YA THINK? – BBE]

Price also had a parting shot: ”We’ll get ’em again. Soon.”

I love how State fan talks junk on local sports radio and in the blogosphere, defaces the sacred shrine that is the Old Well, and then whines like a four year old who didn’t get the pony she wanted for Christmas when some motivated Tar Heels paint the concrete wall of an overgrown sewer pipe running through their campus*. Kudos to the painters, whoever you are.

*If by campus you mean an industrial/penitentiary-style wasteland.


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  1. Thank you, we definitely had a great time with it! Best use of 12 gallons of paint ever.

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