Sticks and Stones (and Elbows)


First off, this site bleeds Carolina blue. That means we also bear an inherent loathing for all things Dook or State related.

That said, BBE is vehemently in favor of intellectual honesty and free speech. We hate hypocrites. This kerfuffle over a classless move by a State baseball player during the UNC-State basketball game has brought these issues to the fore.

Resident Carolina homer Eddy Landreth published a viewpoint piece in today’s Chapel Hill News in which he states:

The N.C. State baseball player who walked on the court with a poster of Tyler Hansbrough bleeding after Gerald Henderson of Duke broke his nose should be suspended for a game.

So should Wolfpack baseball coach Elliott Avent for allowing it.

This is over a poster that supposedly showed “Bloody Tyler” and said something to the effect of: Tyler wears red, too. Or something. I am lead to understand by posts elsewhere that this classless poster was given to the baseball player as he was about to take the floor.

Keep in mind: Gerald Henderson, of Duke, caused that injury, and was punished for it. Tyler and Roy have both put the injury and the incident that caused it behind them. The poster was a classless move that we have come to expect from State fans, the majority of whom hate Carolina more than they like their own team.

The point is, free speech is the hallmark of a free society. It allows for the display and dissection of ideas. All ideas, even bad ones. One of the benefits of free speech is it allows me and Mr. Landreth to excoriate the idiots that came up with that poster as classless, tactless, crotchless, in-bred hicks with the intellectual capacity of the average American Idol contestant. On the flip side, State fans get to have their opinions of us when some idiot Smith Center attendee starts shouting about “the ghetto.”

In the crucible of free speech, the cream rises to the top and Ms. South Carolina gets posted on YouTube.

So lets quit calling for suspensions and sanctions and just point out idiocy where we see it.


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