Time to recharge

After beating a game Wake team (that apparently makes way too many stupid mistakes and dumb fouls away from Joel Coliseum) Carolina gets a much needed week off before taking on BC next Saturday.

The “duh” item here is getting Ty Lawson back, healthy, and integrated into offense and defense. But there are others like Deon Thompson who need to get healthy and rested and ready for the stretch run of March.

The fast guards of Wake Forest highlighted what was already obvious: We are a better team with Ty Lawson. Quentin Thomas, God Bless him, is a capable point guard and with Hansbrough and Company, he keeps us as a top 15 team. But to be able to play with teams with quick guards (like we will inevitably see in the NCAA tournament), we need Lawson back and comfortable. Hopefully we get Ty back in practice and ready to tune up against BC. Then we can take it Dook and go on a run.

P.S. It’s nice to see Memphis take the loss just because a Conference USA team should never be #1, but I couldn’t care less if UNC is ever ranked #1 before the end of the season. Let somebody else have the target. We just need to keep winning.


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