From the N&O’s J.P. Giglio’s blog Foul Shots:


Coach K’s not going to win this award, but he should. Virginia Tech’s Seth Greenberg and Miami’s Frank Haith have gone beyond the call of duty, but they’re being graded on a curve because neither team was expected to be anything more than mediocre. Voting should be done based on results, not expectations. Who has had better results than K?

Um… Roy Williams? Name ring a bell? His team is currently ranked #1 in the country? Just won the ACC regular season over K’s dookies? Won an NCAA Championship in 2005?

Now, I’m not whining here because some sports writer has his nose up K’s posterior. Frankly, BBE thinks the Coach of the year should go to Greenberg, whose Hokies are at 9-7 after being picked 10th in the preseason media poll. And yes, Frank Haith should be a close second, after guiding his last-place-predicted Hurricanes to a 7-9 record. (Greenberg gets credit for getting VT into the dance.)

My problem is with the sheer logical inconsistency of Giglio’s argument. If voting should be based on “results,” then Roy gets the award. His team is #1 in the ACC and in the country. If you give the award (as I think it should be) based on whose team makes the most of their potential, then you have to grade on a curve. Whichever argument you use is fine with me, but at least apply your own formula, rather than being an obvious bootlick Duke homer.


2 Responses

  1. I agree with your points about Roy, but I would submit that Gaudio might be deserving. What a horrible way to get a job, and he has done very well, given the emotions that had to surround his hiring.

    Not being in the physical proximity of the ACC (I am in Kansas) keeps me out of the daily talk, but I do watch ACC ball all I can.

  2. Dino Gaudio is certainly in my top four. A couple more wins and he would have my vote.

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