Ooo that smell

Wendell Murphy can’t tell if that was his favorite basketball team or one of his hog farms that he smelled this afternoon.

State scored seventeen (17) points in the first half against Miami. For the game, everyone not named J.J. Hickson combined to shoot 8 for 33 (24%) from the field and commit 14 turnovers. P.U.

State returned 4 starters from last years team that made it to the title game. They added Hickson, who scored over half of their points today. What the heck happened to Fells, Grant, Costner and McCauley?

What is the difference here:

  1. Carolina loses Ty Lawson (and Bobby Frasor) for a huge chunk of ACC play. They finish the year with only 2 losses and ranked #1 in the country.
  2. State loses Ingin Atsur. They add J.J. Hickson, one of the most talented players in the league this year. And they stink it up, scoring only 50 points in their last game of the year.

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