Tuned Up.


Carolina heads into NCAA tournament play like a finely tuned race car after a solid week of testing and tweaking the setup. Ty Lawson, although shaky at times, is showing more frequent flashes of what makes him great (and that rebound in traffic he secured toward the end was tenacious). Tyler Hansbrough is still Psycho T and he’s hitting game-winning fade-away jumpers now. Wayne Ellington led the Heels with 24 in the ACC championship game and takes real confidence into the tournament. Marcus Ginyard made significant contributions in rebounding and drives to the basket, in addition to his usual solid defense, that have been lacking at times this season. And they are lead by the winningest Tar Heel player ever.

Quentin Thomas said this afternoon, “We’re happy we accomplished the ACC Tournament championship, because we set it as a goal before the season. But at the same time we have more goals that we need to accomplish.” Starting to sound good? Good. There’s more.

In the first round, Carolina plays (we expect) two games in the RBC Center, where they have already had some success this season. Should they survive a Raleigh pod that has them grouped with Indiana, Arkansas, and the play-in game winner, they advance to the East Regionals which will be held at Charlotte Bobcats arena, where they just took home a second straight ACC Championship. For those of you that get concerned about playing NCAA games in non-basketball only arenas, the familiarity of these surroundings ought to be music to your ears.

The road to San Antonio looks to be in friendly and familiar territory. Let’s hope the heels put the pedal down and get there.


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