Virginia Tech got robbed.


How does the 4th place team in the ACC, with a 9-7 league record and a win in the conference tournament (that lost by only two points to the #1 overall seed), get left out of the NCAA tournament. It’s a travesty. Let’s look at who the committee thought deserved a bid more than the Hokies…

St. Joe’s

The 4th place team in the RPI’s seventh ranked conference, St. Joe’s has a 9-7 conference record, but went 6-7 over their last thirteen games, with losses to such notable basketball powers as Temple (twice), Dayton, LaSalle, and Duquesne. (VPI is 8-5 over their last 13, with two losses to UNC and a one point loss to Clemson. They dropped one more to an NCAA-bound Miami team. Their only loss in the last thirteen games to a team out of the dance was an away game at NC State.)


Speaking of teams that lost to NC State, Villanova made the dance. The eighth place team in the Big East, with a 9-9 conference record, Villanova is 7-6 over their last 13 games, with losses to *ahem* St. Joe’s and Syracuse. They were 3-5 in the month of January. At 20-12, their record is one win better than Virginia Tech, but that is largely due to the fact that they opened the season 10-1 — they have been mediocre at best since January. The good news is, ‘Nova gets to play Clemson, who should shellac them in a moral victory for the conference.

Villanova and St. Joe’s at least have higher RPIs (barely) than VPI, according to Ken Pomeroy. The next two don’t.


58th in the RPI, Oregon is the 6th place team in the PAC-10, with a 9-9 conference record and 18-13 overall. They are 6-7 over their last 13 games. I don’t personally penalize them for losing to UCLA, WSU, or USC, but VPI is getting panned for losing to good teams. Oregon also has losses to Oakland and St. Mary’s.


57th in the RPI, Kentucky is 18-12 on the year.

To be honest, with a 12-4 SEC record, having made it to the SEC championship game, and owning a 10-3 record over their last 13 games, Kentucky deserves to be in the tournament. But if Georgia is going to play their way in, and it’s either the SEC or the ACC getting only 4 teams in, it ought to be the SEC that loses out. And since I can’t figure out which criteria the committee is using, I’m throwing out 4 teams that should have lost out to VPI based on one criteria or the other. If it’s RPI or overall wins, Oregon and Kentucky go down. If it’s conference record, Villanova and Oregon go down. If it’s your record over the last 12 or 13 games, St. Joe’s, Oregon and Villanova go down.

The truth is, by whatever measure you use, the Hokies should have gone dancing.


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  1. Might reconsider that photo with a VaTech headline.
    I’m awful.

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