ACC Pride goeth before the fall

So, my bracket is pretty much in shambles, in large part because I woefully overestimated the strength of our conference peers. Having selected Duke and Clemson to make the Sweet Sixteen, I am hurting.

SO… Carolina is in the same position as last year. The lone ACC representative in the Sweet Sixteen, with the reputation of the conference resting on it’s shoulders.  (And looking much better than last year, by the way). Oh, and Carolina is also in the only region to advance all top four seeds to the Sweet Sixteen.  I still believe that Carolina has no one to blame but themselves if they can’t make it to San Antonio from Raleigh and Charlotte, but DADGUM, can we say now that we have the toughest region?

Next up, Wazu…


2 Responses

  1. I’m with you. No doubt about it, UNC has the toughest bracket. One thing is for sure though, when they get through it, no one can question if they earned their championship this year. I love this team right now though. Roy has them clicking on all cylinders. Tyler didn’t dominate today, but he didn’t have to. Stepheson is a beast. Graves is contributing and Ty’s absence forced Roy to build his bench. Q is playing with confidence and they are actually playing “D”.

    The key the first two games was taking the fight out of their opponent with early runs. Carolina gets in trouble when they give teams hope early. They let them hang around and we cannot afford to do this at any point in this bracket. Break their heart early. Louisville could be a tough match up, but if Wayne continues to shoot like he has and Ty continues to run the show, there is no better team in the nation.

    Like you said, they have no one to blame but themselves.

  2. Carolina, UCLA and Kansas are the 3 deepest most athletic teams in the this year’s March Madness tournement. Although Memphis is also a talented physical team they just don’t the same type of size that these three other teams have nor do they shoot their FT’s nearly well enough to go the distance.

    One of the Tarheels, Bruins or Jayhawks will win this year’s final … depending on the quality of play each team gets from their Point Guards.

    It’s going to be a terrific Final Four again this year.

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