Irresistable Forces and Immovable Objects

Carolina scores 113 and 108 in its first two games (the first time since 1990 that feat has been accomplished in NCAA play). Washington State holds it’s first two opponents to 40 and 41 points.

Contrast in styles? Ya think?! This is obviously going to be about a battle of wills. Washington State is good enough to keep the score relatively low. The question is whether Carolina can be patient and get the shot they want, or whether they will settle for jump shots that are not in the flow of the offense (I’m looking at you, Danny Green). A patient and methodical Carolina offense can still be effective, and if Carolina can take some of that defense they showed against Arkansas while the game was still in doubt and apply it to Washington State, they should win.

It will depend which Carolina team shows up. I generally have no use for Gregg Doyel, but I thought this piece was pretty funny and generally correct on the idea that if the same Carolina team that showed up in Raleigh continues to show up in the rest of our games, it will be a no-brainer. If not, Wazuu is more than capable of knocking us out. Here’s hoping we see more of the former.


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