Speaking in Tongues

All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongue as the Spirit enabled them. — Acts 2:4

I am not a composed observer of basketball. Movies? Sure. Opera? Musical Theater? Yeah. Concerts? I go with the quiet sway or foot tap. But basketball? I’m what you might call demonstrative.

At the half, it’s UNC 35 – WSU 21, the largest lead of the game, on a three pointer by Ty Lawson as the clock winds down. My eruption was something unintelligible, but put into written word, looks something like:

Hunh! Hoo! GRRRrrrYYYYYYEAAA! Unh. Unh. Unh. Unh. Mf ha. Mf ha Mfa. AAAha Ahuh, Aha aha aha. WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!

The dance was a hybrid Blues Brothers/Tiger Woods/PsychoT Celebration… and it was ugly.


[Update:  Wooo!  UNC 68 – WSU 47.  And the March-stache reappears.]


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