I guess we play defense too.

WSU scored 47 points on 31% shooting.

So, I guess we play defense, too.

I thought it would also be interesting to look at some possession-type stats in the context of the slower pace that we played in last night’s game.  WSU plays a pace that keeps scores in the 50s and 60s, whereas Carolina is accustomed to scoring just below 90 per contest.  By multiplying everything by 1.4, I think we get a better idea of the context of the usual stats.  A couple jump out at me.

Yes, Tyler had an off first half, but I keep reading today that he had a bad game.  But check this out: Tyler Hansbrough: 18 points x 1.4 = 25.  That’s about right.

And we won by 21.  21 x 1.4 = 29.4.    So we win by thirty when we score over a hundred, and we win by 21 when we score 68.  Seems like it’s effectively the same margin.   This team is looking really good right now.  (BBE extends a courteous round of applause to Aron Baynes.  That kid was a beast. Had it not been for his picking up a couple of fouls trying to set high screens, Tyler would have had a much tougher night.)

Looking forward, I like a match-up with Louisville, despite how good they looked last night.  Louisville plays a lot like us, and I have a hard time believing that anyone can beat us at our own game outside of UCLA or Kansas.

Go Heels!


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