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  1. Conspiracy Theory alert….

    You think Ty Lawson was hurt? I seriously think he was. He was a spectator both on and off the floor. I can’t remember a time when I have seen him play worse. I’m willing to give Kansas a little credit, but…

    When was the last time that “Q” outplayed him? He did last night.

    My only other question is where was Stevenson all night? Although my 3 year old has better hands, he would have done a better job of stopping the drives to the basket. Thompson did nothing to stop it and Hansbrough was getting man handled (with no call by the way).

    I won’t be surprise if we find out that Ty is/was hurt.

  2. That run of Kansas was pretty basic. Their guards dissected our defense and disrupted our offense. That’s all squarely on Ty. Could he have gotten some help? Probably. But I agree that this was his worst game all year.

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