Why I love Roy.

There is a kerfuffle today on sports talk and radio call in shows about the fact that Roy was watching the championship game last night while sporting a piece of Jayhawk flair on his sweater. Apparently, a whole host of Carolina fans feel betrayed by Roy wearing the colors of the team that beat their beloved Tar Heels 48 hours before. These folks are nuts, or they just missed that part in history class about the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1865. I guess they think they own Roy Williams. I’m certainly glad they don’t.

One of the many things I love about Roy is that he is his own man. He knows who he is and what he cares about (and doesn’t give a flip about). More importantly, he is up front about what he thinks and feels. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He forms deep and lasting relationships with recruits, players, friends, and schools.

When Roy was hired, one of the first things out of his mouth at the press conference introducing him was how important his years at Kansas were to him and how hard it was to leave. Nothing has changed. We should be happy! We got him, and we are lucky to have him. In five years at UNC, he has a national championship and we’re sitting on back to back ACC tournament and regular season championships. And to the extent that he was advertising a competing school, Roy’s got nothing to worry about in recruiting for the next few years.

And the nutjobs who suggest that this supposed fashion faux pas was indicative of Roy not preparing for the game, or not coaching hard, explain to me how that would work for the players on the floor? Were they conflicted? Seems to me they wanted to win. You can Monday Morning Quarterback about how you would have coached the team as Kansas extended their lead, but it is preposterous to suggest that Roy did not want to win that game.

I’ve always felt that, once your team is out, you root for the team that sent yours packing, and argue that the only team that could have beat yours was the eventual national champion. Roy was doing no different. What I love about Roy is that he is unscripted, often un-PC, and completely genuine. And Roy genuinely loves Kansas. And when they’re not playing UNC, he roots for them. More power to him.

The flip side of this is that we don’t care about coaches that love UNC and no other, and have never been seen wearing anyone else’s logos. Remember John Bunting?


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  1. I rarely read a blog & find a word that sends me to the dictionary. Kerfuffle did the trick. It’s a good word & I’m going to try to remember it.

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