The Doldrums


No offense to our baseball Heels (I can’t pick up WCHL, and it’s just harder to get excited about driving to Cary instead of the Bosh…), but this is my least favorite part of the sports year. The Hurricanes are out of the Stanley Cup playoffs, I don’t give a rip about MLB or the NBA, I just can’t watch golf, and I’m only a passive NASCAR fan. So I’m pretty much waiting for football training camp to start.

This is really a recipe for disaster at our house.

Like many other men (and most children), if I’m not occupied I tend to devolve to less constructive and more destructive behavior. This is the same phenomenon that leads otherwise sane boys, at the mind-numbing end of their summer vacation, to try things such as: leaping off the roof with an umbrella to see if it will work like a parachute; testing the explosive powers of dry ice; and burning, launching, exploding, or crushing just about anything just to see what happens. So… even though the new business is keeping me pretty busy, I have to try to find something to do.

Therefore, like Homer sucking the last few drops of Duff from the tap at Moe’s, I shall be desperately filling time this summer by:

  • Trolling message boards for tidbits on the Carolina football players’ summer conditioning progress
  • Waiting for NBA draft announcements from Hansbrough, Lawson and Ellington (I refuse to get wrapped up in it until official word comes out, because most people’s “sources” have the honesty or intellect of a bologna sandwich). Truthfully, I just have confidence that they will all make the decisions they think are right for them based on advice from their HOF coach.
  • Pulling for our guys to get picked high in the NFL Draft.
  • Casually following the Baseball Heels.
  • Hoping that Q can find a spot on a solid European team.
  • Hopefully making a trip to see the Basketball Museum.
  • Hopefully NOT following the NBA draft to see where one of our stars is picked.
  • Wishing I had the time and money to attend a Tar Heel Tour event.

If I’m lucky, I can avoid the dreaded “Hey y’all, watch this!” moment that would land me on YouTube or in the hospital.


2 Responses

  1. Alternatively, you can landscape the back yard, hang the door to our office, and clean out the garage! 🙂

  2. Tag – you’re it. You can find the rules here:

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