The Tyler Tracker rides again

Photo by Jim Hawkins/Inside Carolina

Thanks to some fine folks over on the Inside Carolina message boards, I thoroughly enjoyed checking in after each game this year to see who Tyler had passed in the Carolina and ACC record books. By the end of the season, Tyler was in some rarified air. Tyler is #2 in Carolina history in points, #7 in rebounds, and #1 in free throws made and attempted. There is a legitimate chance that Tyler could become the #1 all-time scorer in ACC history next year. It will certainly be very exciting to watch.

As exciting as it will be to watch, I fervently hope that this is the best decision for Tyler. I certainly understand that he is enjoying being in college and is dominating the college game. I understand that he may be less suited to the NBA game and was not projected to be drafted much higher than 20th. I know that his family is in solid financial footing and does not need his NBA salary. On the other hand, unless Tyler reveals a completely different side to his game on a consistent basis (e.g. outside shooting, passing out of double-teams to open shooters, scoring and rebounding over bigger players, blocking shots), it’s hard to believe that the National Player of the Year from the #1 ranked team in the country could improve his draft stock very much with another year.

I guess we should just knock on wood and enjoy the ride.

As for Ty Lawson testing the waters, this makes some sense to me. I’m guessing Ty feels like people are judging him based on his post-injury play, and that after some additional rest and rehab he may be able to make a better showing at a pre-draft camp and improve his draft stock. Whether he can show them enough to make him one of the top 2-3 point guards in the draft, as opposed to #5 or 6, that remains to be seen. I do know that he will be getting solid advice from the Carolina side of things. I’m betting that his workouts only solidify the projections that he will be picked in the bottom third of the first round and that we see Ty again next season. Whatever he decides, I’m sure it’s based on what he perceives is best for him and his family, and BBE wishes him well whatever he decides.

… Wayne, Wayne, Wayne… what’s the thought process, guy? Sure… you went off a few times against Clemson, but you didn’t top 20 against any other quality opponents all year. Not exactly resounding praise for a “scorer”. You were 3-17 from 3-point range in our last three games.

Granted, we don’t know what family or other considerations you may have that would push you toward the league, but however bad you may need that paycheck, those second round contracts aren’t guaranteed. The last thing you need is to waive your college eligibility and then be gone from the NBA in two years. Keep working on the things that Coach Williams is telling you to work on and you’ll have a chance to step up some more next year. I know it’s not nice to hear, but it’s tough love, man.



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