And another one…

Inside Carolina is reporting that Wesley Flagg has been dismissed from the football program for violating team rules.

This bugs the crap out of me.  Flagg started at the beginning of last year at middle linebacker.  I know he lost the starting spot, but he was a valuable special teams member and added experience and depth on defense.  And now he’s gone.  Yet another in a long line of otherwise talented players that have not been able to keep their nose clean and stay on the team.

I blame no one but the player in these instances, but it is frustrating as heck to see our program hamstrung year after year by unnatural attrition from bad behavior and poor decision-making.  No one can prevent injuries, and even the hardest working student can be forced to transfer if the school work is too hard, but the “team rules” are advertised, harped on, and drilled in to such an extent that it is inexplicable to me why we seem to have this problem every year.



2 Responses

  1. Unless you actually know the details regarding the situation you should not post insulting messages about a player. I am one of Wesley’s really good friends and the team rules he broke were academics, his grades were not high enough and therefore he was released. Wesley was not in trouble with the law or doing any other terrible thing to violate team rules and is an excellent person, one of the nicest you’ll ever meet. The academic part of it all was just tough on him, so please get your facts straight. Just because the only information the team releases is “violated team rules” does not mean that you should immediately jump to conclusions on what that violated rule was.

  2. (1) I very clearly did not allege any particular violation.
    (2) Nothing about that post rises to the level of a personal insult. At most, it is a frustrated and harsh note about personal responsibility.
    (3) If this is all a matter of academics, then I hope Wesley lands on his feet.

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