God Save the NBA

If you’re like me, you love NCAA men’s basketball. If you read this blog, you’re probably a Carolina fan, which means you also value the inside shot, team defense, class, character and unselfish play. In short, you probably have little use for the NBA, except to follow the careers of the numerous Carolina Alumni in the Association.

I had a moment of clarity the other day, though, driving home and listening to David Glenn and Hayes Permar on WRBZ’s 3-6 show, when a caller said that he didn’t care if the NBA shrivelled up and died. For a split second, I thought, “Right on, man.” But then I thought, “Whoa, buster. Let’s think this through.”

You see, we here at BBE are macroeconimic junkies. We like to think in the aggregrate — see the big picture, as it were — and it occurs to me that the failure of the NBA as a viable and lucrative career for prospective professional athletes would be the death of college basketball as we know it.

Think about it. With no NBA cash to look forward to, thousands of talented athletes might choose football, baseball (baseball? really? … Yes. Really.) and — gasp — even lesser sports like hockey, soccer, or track and field in which to make their living. This flight of talent from college basketball would set it back 40 years… permanently. Now, certainly there are always going to be athletic guys that love basketball and just want that free college ride, but that is a different caliber athlete than that to which we have become accustomed at CAROLINA.

So I say: hooray NBA! May you continue to attract the attention and dollars of thousands of big-city socialites and deep-pockets. Please continue to line the pockets of the dozens of Carolina alumni on your rosters, benches and front offices. Sell ad revenue for NBC and it’s related cable networks (or whoever has the rights these days). Of course, I won’t be watching. But maybe someone else will.

Long live Carolina. God Save the NBA.


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