The Final Four

I am not a very big baseball fan. Which is to say that I enjoy ball park hot dogs, the national anthem, the seventh inning stretch, Take Me Out to the Ballgame and Centerfield, but I like home runs and hits and not routine infield defense. Baseball games tend to drag for me. I understand the drama, but it’s much the same way that I understand the drama of a soccer match: I get it, but I’m still not interested in watching a defensive struggle. (It’s a little weird that I enjoy defense in football as much as I do. I guess I like seeing our guys plant the bad guys in the ground…). I’m not going to expound about the finer points of the game because I’m just not that knowledgeable a fan.

Even so, I’m never ambivalent about the Tar Heels, and I’ve been following the Boys in Blue through the NCAA tournament and enjoying their usual displays of hitting and solid pitching, but hoping for some ACTION. I got it last night.

UNC v LSU. Elimination game. Top of the Ninth, tie game. The Heels’ ace Alex White just got out of a bases loaded jam that involved pitching to the nation’s home run leader.

The bases are loaded with two outs and up walks Tim Federowicz. He’s 0-for the night. He’s only hit 4 home runs all year. He bats about .111 with the bases loaded. He gets behind in the count… and then… GRAND SLAM! WOO!! The Heels go up 7 to 3, close out the bottom of the ninth in routine fashion and survive. Survive and Advance. Even in June, that’s the name of the game in the NCAA tournament.

The Heels now join Georgia and Stanford in the final four of the CWS and face Fresno State tonight at 6, having to beat them twice to advance to the championship. GO HEELS!


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