Welcome Back

I didn’t expect to stay gone for that long, but life gets in the way sometimes. Not that a whole lot has happened this summer in the grand scheme of things. In fact, I am perfectly content to pretend that none of the NBA speculation with Lawson, Ellington or Green ever happened. But some interesting news has rolled in over the last week that is worth noting, and it’s getting close enough to football season that we can already smell the unreasonably high expectations.

  1. Lowell Dyer received a scholarship. Although Scott “Tank” Lenahan started last year at center, Dyer saw the yeoman’s share of the load at that position because of Lenahan’s unfortunate injuries during the season. Apparently Coach Butch Davis made the announcement while giving out team awards at the end of spring practice. I love this kind of thing. It’s so great for guys that have busted their butts on the scout team for the betterment of the program to have someone to look up to. More than that, Carolina has a great tradition of walk-ons contributing to the program, e.g. David Thornton, Kendric Williams, Lance Williams (RIP)… It’s great when they can earn a scholarship to recognize their efforts. I’ve always loved the walk-on tradition on the basketball side, too.
  2. Football Season Tickets ARE SOLD OUT! This is just awesome. If we can just get some wins, we’ll have some serious momentum.
  3. Chad Holbrook takes a position with South Carolina. I was upset about this one at first. Coach Fox readily admits that Holbrook has been a huge reason that UNC was in three straight College World Series. Moreover, the University community rallied around the Holbrooks when their son Reece was diagnosed with Leukemia. As it turns out, though, Holbrook’s wife is from Columbia, Reece is in remission, and USC’s Coach Tanner is likely to retire about a decade earlier than Coach Fox (and leave the program there in Holbrook’s hands), making this the time to make the move, and to do so on good terms, leaving the program in great shape. Good luck, Chad.
  4. Ty Lawson is a dumb kid doing things dumb kids do. Darian Durant is ready to start at QB in the CFL. Joe Dailey gets a position at the University of Buffalo.

Now, if we can just get to the start of football practice, the world will be right.


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