Football Uniform Update [Updated]

You look mahvelous. — Fernando (Billy Crystal)

This month’s Tar Heel Monthly, a fantastic publication put out by Adam Lucas and Lauren Brownlow and their team (with regular contributions from John Kilgo, Lee Pace and Jones Angell) that is available by subscription and free to Rams Club members, has an update by Lee Pace on this season’s uniform changes:

The white pants will still have a [looks to me to be wider] truncated “squirt” down the sides of Carolina blue… The Carolina blue pants will not have the squirt.

…The new [home] jerseys feature a blue-on-blue look with the piping and trim in blue and the logo in white. A notch of white fabric with navy trim appears on the back of the neck of both home and road jerseys.

UPDATE: I found the picture below from Nike’s Eastbay site linked by JLeggette on the CarolinaBlue message boards. It’s a fan jersey and slightly different from the real deal but it’s pretty close. Among a few other things, the real thing has elastic sleeve trim (not loose).

The most notable changes, in my opinion, will be a move to white shoes, and the new material the uniforms are made from. In addition to modern wicking technology that will help the players feel dryer and less heavy, the new uniforms will fit much closer to the skin, and help frustrate opponents attempts to hold, clutch and grab.

The article also contains two important nods to tradition. Coach Butch Davis reiterates his love for the current interlocking “NC” helmet design (already evidenced by the helmet logo that has become prevalent in sportswear and around the stadium) and his intention to maintain it’s current look. In addition, Davis indicates that they are looking hard at a Navy jersey, perhaps as a way to pay homage to the Justice era of Carolina football. On the other hand, Davis does not want to change jerseys every year or every week like the Oregons of the world:

“You want to have a uniform that is recognizable across the United States,” Davis says. “You want people to turn on the TV or pick up a magazine cover and they instantly know, ‘That’s North Carolina.'”

I really wish that I could show you the picture and sketch from the article, but you’ll just have to wait for the official release on

Let me close by encouraging everybody to join the Rams Club (for as little as $9 a month), and Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is, and get your free copy of Tar Heel Monthly.


3 Responses

  1. Sure would be nice to stick to tradition and keep the lighter, Carolina Blue. I haven’t seen the colors close to anything like they were, pre-mid-eighties, or so.


  2. I agree with Eric Murray, above. The light blue is getting too dark. And I’ve just seen Carolina on TV at this moment playing Rutgers, wearing dark blue pants. I just don’t like that. I do not want to see Carolina wearing navy blue. If Coach Davis wants Carolina to look distinctive and to be known by our uniform, we need do nothing more than honor our own color, Carolina Blue.

  3. I agree that it is better to wear the traditional Carolina blue as marketing is trying to rename it to “University Blue.” North Carolina, I feel, does need a new football jersey with a type of ‘spice’ however. As the basketball team did when they embossed the argyle pattern.

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