Breaking News: Carolina Fans Support Great Cause

Actually, I’m hoping that you all will support a great cause.

Easter Seals-United Cerebral Palsy Stepping Stones Children’s Center in Sanford is having a Family Carnival this Saturday, the 19th of July, in an effort to raise an estimated $33,000 for an inclusive playground surface. There will be rides, games, a dunking booth featuring the Lee County Sheriff (Tracy Carter) and some local ‘celebrities’ and attorneys, including BBE. There will also be a silent auction featuring 25 different items and themed baskets, including a Carolina basket.

NC Childcare regulations require a soft surface, like mulch, around playground equipment to prevent injury in the event of falls. Unfortunately, mulch presents a problem for many children with disabilities who crawl or are in wheelchairs, as the mulch impedes access or can cause problems from splinters to choking. Stepping Stones would like to install a poured rubber surface that would allow access for ALL their children. They need your help.

Please come out to the carnival (click here for directions) or visit for more information or to donate to this worthy cause.


I’m Tired

I stayed up earlier in the week to hear the end of the 11 inning matchup against Virginia that didn’t start until around 10 pm.  It stinks to stay up that late and then lose a close game that basically came down to errors and stranded baserunners.   Add to all that the new law practice, my two troublesome daughters and the celebration of my 10th wedding anniversary, and the result is: I’m tired.

The Doldrums


No offense to our baseball Heels (I can’t pick up WCHL, and it’s just harder to get excited about driving to Cary instead of the Bosh…), but this is my least favorite part of the sports year. The Hurricanes are out of the Stanley Cup playoffs, I don’t give a rip about MLB or the NBA, I just can’t watch golf, and I’m only a passive NASCAR fan. So I’m pretty much waiting for football training camp to start.

This is really a recipe for disaster at our house. Continue reading

Shameless Plug


Before things get fast and furious with ACC and NCAA tournament action, I need to get in a shameless plug. I opened my own law practice in Sanford this last week. (That’s the Page Law Office at the top of the right column). If you need any traffic or criminal matter handled in Lee, Harnett, Moore, or Chatham Counties, give me a buzz. Like the Tar Heels, we know that Strong Defense wins.

Not above it.

We here at BBE like to think that we are sophisticated, intelligent, well read and thoughtful. But the truth is, we are an easy laugh. Physical and potty humor are a no-fail laugh. Tommy Boy, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Dumb and Dumber… We’re not above any of it.

Here’s another: Beating Dook on their Senior Night. HI LAAAAR I OUS.

And, of course, the nut shot (turn up your sound, the commentary on this one makes it great — BBE):

I have seen the light!


Hallelujah! BBE has moved into the HDTV age! (Can I get an amen?!)

So far we haven’t gotten it hooked up to HD programming yet, but our movie collection looks awesome. Our thirtysomething inch standard TV died about a year ago and we’d been making do with a 13″ screen. We are seeing stuff in our movies we had completely missed. Life is good. Can I get a witness?

Not a cat guy

Ankle hunter

I don’t know if I’m a “cat” guy.

But I can tell you that our new housemate is not a “guy” cat. I don’t mean that because I had him neutered. I mean that he doesn’t like guys. Or maybe he just doesn’t like me… perhaps because I had him neutered. So I guess it could be because I had him neutered. But I digress. Continue reading