The Final Four

I am not a very big baseball fan. Which is to say that I enjoy ball park hot dogs, the national anthem, the seventh inning stretch, Take Me Out to the Ballgame and Centerfield, but I like home runs and hits and not routine infield defense. Baseball games tend to drag for me. I understand the drama, but it’s much the same way that I understand the drama of a soccer match: I get it, but I’m still not interested in watching a defensive struggle. (It’s a little weird that I enjoy defense in football as much as I do. I guess I like seeing our guys plant the bad guys in the ground…). I’m not going to expound about the finer points of the game because I’m just not that knowledgeable a fan.

Even so, I’m never ambivalent about the Tar Heels, and I’ve been following the Boys in Blue through the NCAA tournament and enjoying their usual displays of hitting and solid pitching, but hoping for some ACTION. I got it last night. Continue reading


I’m Tired

I stayed up earlier in the week to hear the end of the 11 inning matchup against Virginia that didn’t start until around 10 pm.  It stinks to stay up that late and then lose a close game that basically came down to errors and stranded baserunners.   Add to all that the new law practice, my two troublesome daughters and the celebration of my 10th wedding anniversary, and the result is: I’m tired.