A Recovering Junkie


Hello, everyone. My name is Ed and I have a problem. I am an anticipation junkie. In layman’s terms, I follow UNC football recruiting. (I used to have this problem in basketball, but Roy’s got us set for the next three years or so…)

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My Favorites

In trying to kill time until the BC game on Thursday, and since this blog still has that “new blog” smell, I thought it would be good to list some Born and Bred Ed Tar Heel favorites. Feel free to add your own.

Favorite Tar Heel Basketball Player(s):

I have to go with Numbers 34 here. George Lynch and David Noel.

As much as I love to see guys who fill up the basket or streak down the court, I love these guys because of their leadership and willingness to do everything to help the team, even the stuff that doesn’t get readily noticed. PsychoT will likely surpass Lynch on the career scoring list during our next game, and I sincerely hope we get to hear something from Eric Montross on the THSN broadcast about him.

Favorite Tar Heel Football Player(s):

If you didn’t think I was a sentimentalist already, this will seal it. Continue reading