Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is


I spent four years in undergraduate school at UNC. I spent another three years in law school there. During all that time, I became well acquainted with the myth of the “fat cat” Rams Club member. While based in a nugget of truth, the vast majority of the legend (like the Gimghoul conspirators) is a myth. The truth is downright convicting.

You should be a Rams Club member.
While there are a small group of well-to-do Rams Club members who park on stadium drive or at the Smith Center lots, have lower level season tickets to basketball and fifty yard line seats at Kenan, that group is a small minority of the membership of the Rams Club. And it costs less to be a Rams Club member than many folks think. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Did you know that Carolina consistently ranks #1 in college merchandise sold worldwide every year? If that is the case, why are we not even first in the ACC in the number of athletics donors?


[Graph courtesy of www.ramsclub.com]

To rank behind FSU and Clemson is bad enough, but to rank behind STATE?! C’mon people!

‘But, BBE, don’t you have to have a lot of money to belong to the Rams Club?’ No, my friend, you do not. There are all kinds of levels of giving. Naturally, the more you give, the more you get, but the truth is that most of the Rams Club budget (i.e. scholarship funds) comes from the large number of smaller donors.


The bottom line is this: Even at the lowly Ram Level (where the BBE house is currently giving), you get the media guides, the rights to buy football season tickets, the opportunity to buy individual basketball and football tickets with Rams Club priority, and invitation to a slew of events, as well as the satisfaction of funding scholarships for student athletes at UNC. All of this for what amounts to less than $17 a month. And “Young Alumni” (5 years or less from graduation) get a 50% discount.

There is not one of you that is reading this that cannot afford that. You don’t have to be alumni. Even if you can’t afford to buy tickets (we can’t yet either), you accumulate membership priority points and bonus points for longevity, so that when you can afford it, you will get better seats.

Give up your Wal-Mart fan status. Put your money where your heart is.

The Woodshed


Hokies…woodshed. Woodshed…Hokies. Continue reading

We’re #1

UNC’s Athletic Department has this announcement today:

CHAPEL HILL — The University of North Carolina men’s basketball team may be without three of its top five scorers in Saturday’s game against Virginia Tech, which will tip off at 1:05 p.m. at the Smith Center.

Sophomore point guard Ty Lawson will not play against the Hokies due to a sprained left ankle, an injury he suffered on Feb. 3 against Florida State. Lawson did not play the final 36 minutes of the game in Tallahassee and was unable to play against Duke, Clemson and Virginia.

Sophomore power forward Deon Thompson, who has started all 25 games and is averaging 9.4 points a game, hyper-extended his left knee at Virginia and is questionable for Saturday’s game. He was unable to practice yesterday, but is scheduled to practice on a limited basis today.

Junior forward Danny Green, the fourth-leading scorer, has the flu and is unable to practice today.

Junior forward Tyler Hansbrough (infected toe), junior guard Marcus Ginyard (sprained right ankle, turf toe on left foot) and senior guard Quentin Thomas (back spasms) are expected to play against Virginia Tech.

We may not be the best team in the country right now, but we definitely have the best squad any hospital ward ever saw.


Comfy Floor Syndrome


Have you ever been so tired that the floor looked irresistably inviting to just lay down and go to sleep? I get this when I’ve been at the mall with Mrs. BBE for more than 3 hours or so. She sees me eyeing the paper thin carpet like it’s our Sleep Number bed, and I’m seriously analyzing whether I can hide myself in that rack of Sunday School dresses and pass out.

I have to imagine that’s how Roy’s Boys feel about now. Continue reading

Yen and Yang


Virginia has an outstanding playmaker at point guard in Sean Singletary, as well as… well… not much else. UNC has talent everywhere but is razor thin at point guard with injuries to Lawson, Frasor, and Ginyard. Continue reading



Double OT to preserve The Streak. That was gut wrenching and painful. I’ve never been hungover, but I bet it’s something like this. Imagine if you were a Clemson fan. Continue reading