A Bitter Pill

A man has dreams of walking with giants
To carve his niche in the edifice of time
Before the mortar of his zeal
Has a chance to congeal
The cup is dashed from his lips
The flame is snuffed aborning
He’s brought to rack and ruin in his prime

My world was calm, well-ordered, exemplary
Then came this person, with chaos in her wake
And now my life’s ambitions go, with one fell blow
It’s quite a bitter pill to take.
George Banks (Mary Poppins)

There’s a look on Mr. Banks’ face at this point of Mary Poppins that is completely dejected, but also puzzled — as in, “How in the heck did that just happen?”. That’s about how I feel this morning. Continue reading


Cross your fingers

I just got home, checked the mail: bill, bill, junk mail, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!


There is PsychoT on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

They’re trying to jinx us. Cross your fingers. Hard.

Heel-mobile headed for San Antonio


WOO HOO!! The Tar Heels are going to the Final Four!

It has been said that Ty Lawson is the engine of this team.  Well, folks, if that is true, then Tyler Hansbrough is the clutch.

After being knocked all year about not having an outside shot, Tyler hit at least 4 shots from 17 feet tonight, with the two biggest coming back-to-back with under 3 minutes to play.  Those two CLUTCH shots gave Carolina a nine point lead and the Heels cruised to the win on free throws.  Hansbrough’s 28 point, 13 rebound performance that sent the Heels to the Final Four should be sufficient to silence any critics about his Player of the Year status.