The Tyler Tracker rides again

Photo by Jim Hawkins/Inside Carolina

Thanks to some fine folks over on the Inside Carolina message boards, I thoroughly enjoyed checking in after each game this year to see who Tyler had passed in the Carolina and ACC record books. By the end of the season, Tyler was in some rarified air. Tyler is #2 in Carolina history in points, #7 in rebounds, and #1 in free throws made and attempted. There is a legitimate chance that Tyler could become the #1 all-time scorer in ACC history next year. It will certainly be very exciting to watch. Continue reading


Heel-mobile headed for San Antonio


WOO HOO!! The Tar Heels are going to the Final Four!

It has been said that Ty Lawson is the engine of this team.  Well, folks, if that is true, then Tyler Hansbrough is the clutch.

After being knocked all year about not having an outside shot, Tyler hit at least 4 shots from 17 feet tonight, with the two biggest coming back-to-back with under 3 minutes to play.  Those two CLUTCH shots gave Carolina a nine point lead and the Heels cruised to the win on free throws.  Hansbrough’s 28 point, 13 rebound performance that sent the Heels to the Final Four should be sufficient to silence any critics about his Player of the Year status.


Beautiful Ugly


Photo by Robert Willett, N&O

That was beautiful. Watching Tyler Hansbrough pump/run/flail/dance/skip to midcourt after his game-winning fadeaway baseline jumper fell through with under a second to play yesterday was wonderful. It was joyous, cathartic, Psycho, awkward, and absolutely the purest outpouring of genuine exuberance you’ll see. There was no restraint for decorum’s sake. It was just a release of joy and emotion from the most intense player in college basketball. In fact, Tyler’s ugly/beautiful celebration was a lot like the game yesterday. Continue reading

Get out the vote (Hansbrough for POY)


I don’t know if you are a political person. Chances are, though, that if you are a regular visitor to this blog, then recognize the singularly unique and exceptionally talented player that Tyler Hansbrough is. Now’s your chance to see that he gets the recognition he deserves. You can vote for the Naismith Player of the Year.

The appeal for Carolina fans is obvious. I would also encourage fans of all other ACC schools to vote for Tyler Hansbrough, as well. The ACC has been derided as a weak league this year, and yet again it has the highest conference RPI. Yet some player from an 8-6 Big 12 team is in consideration for the award. Tyrese Rice and Sean Singletary are both outstanding players for otherwise weak teams, but who knows where they would be if they played in the Big 12? Show your ACC pride and support Psycho T.

…Besides, if he wins POY, he might go ahead and declare for the draft, and that’s what you ABCers really want, anyway…

Sticks and Stones (and Elbows)


First off, this site bleeds Carolina blue. That means we also bear an inherent loathing for all things Dook or State related.

That said, BBE is vehemently in favor of intellectual honesty and free speech. We hate hypocrites. This kerfuffle over a classless move by a State baseball player during the UNC-State basketball game has brought these issues to the fore. Continue reading