Ronald Curry back on his feet in Oakland

Ronald Curry

The News and Observer reports:

The former University of North Carolina quarterback played through that pain to be Oakland’s leading receiver last year until it finally became too tough to handle this offseason. After undergoing surgery on his left foot that forced him to miss six weeks of offseason practices, Curry returned to his usual spot at receiver this week for the Raiders.  …  Curry said he had trouble planting on the foot before the operation but says he is now running pain free with six weeks before training camp starts.

I’m extremely excited for RC.  If there is anyone who deserves all the positive energy we can give, it’s Ronald Curry.  This guy stepped into two bad situations at UNC, at the dawn of dark times in football and basketball, and did his absolute best to help both teams succeed.   I (and many others, possibly including RC) will always wonder if he would have been more successful had he picked one sport and dropped the other.  Instead, he persevered at point guard and carried the football team as quarterback.  One of the only times I’ve been embarrassed to be a Tar Heel fan was watching fans boo Ronald Curry off the field in favor of a freshman Darian Durant.

For someone with so much talent and potential, Ronald Curry has endured a heart-wrenching amount of disappointment.  I hope Ronald has a stellar season and that it is just the start of greater things for this guy.


My Favorites

In trying to kill time until the BC game on Thursday, and since this blog still has that “new blog” smell, I thought it would be good to list some Born and Bred Ed Tar Heel favorites. Feel free to add your own.

Favorite Tar Heel Basketball Player(s):

I have to go with Numbers 34 here. George Lynch and David Noel.

As much as I love to see guys who fill up the basket or streak down the court, I love these guys because of their leadership and willingness to do everything to help the team, even the stuff that doesn’t get readily noticed. PsychoT will likely surpass Lynch on the career scoring list during our next game, and I sincerely hope we get to hear something from Eric Montross on the THSN broadcast about him.

Favorite Tar Heel Football Player(s):

If you didn’t think I was a sentimentalist already, this will seal it. Continue reading