Why I love Roy.

There is a kerfuffle today on sports talk and radio call in shows about the fact that Roy was watching the championship game last night while sporting a piece of Jayhawk flair on his sweater. Apparently, a whole host of Carolina fans feel betrayed by Roy wearing the colors of the team that beat their beloved Tar Heels 48 hours before. These folks are nuts, or they just missed that part in history class about the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1865. I guess they think they own Roy Williams. I’m certainly glad they don’t. Continue reading


In case you were wondering…

why Roy Williams is the winningest coach of his time: Check out this snippet from Inside Carolina‘s transcript of Roy’s Monday Press Conference.

On how tired he was after winning the 2005 title:

“There’s no question it was all a little bit of a blur, but I can remember winning on April 4th, coming back here on April 5th, have a little celebration here at the Smith Center and take the staff and our wives out to dinner and everybody’s falling asleep at dinner.

“So we go home and Joe Holladay and I meet at 6:00 a.m. to head on the recruiting trail and we go to Oak Hill to see Ty. I was concerned the only time in my life — I think I’m right — probably think a little bit slower, but the only time in my life I’ve ever gotten a car service to take me because I didn’t trust my driving for three hours or Joe’s driving for three hours when we hadn’t slept. We got a car service to take us up there. We’re both in the back seat trying to sleep.”

You read that right. Less than 36 hours after winning the national championship, Roy is back out on the road recruiting. Ty committed a month later.

When the rules change…

Is it a stretch to say that Tyler going to the line is part of your gameplan?
“Not at all. That’s it right there. Get it inside and get fouled.”

— Marcus Ginyard, March 14

In the second half against FSU, Carolina returned to the bread-and-butter offensive philosophy it has maintained since the earliest days of Dean Smith’s tenure. Get the ball inside, close to the basket, for a good shot and/or a foul. Continue reading



From the N&O’s J.P. Giglio’s blog Foul Shots:


Coach K’s not going to win this award, but he should. Virginia Tech’s Seth Greenberg and Miami’s Frank Haith have gone beyond the call of duty, but they’re being graded on a curve because neither team was expected to be anything more than mediocre. Voting should be done based on results, not expectations. Who has had better results than K? Continue reading

The Adventures of Roy’s Little Finger


If you follow Carolina basketball at all, you’ve heard Roy talk about his little finger. As in, he has more love for Carolina basketball in his little finger than everybody else put together. Or he has more desire to win in his little finger, or he has more basketball knowledge in his little finger, etc. I bet you wonder what else we don’t know about Roy’s little finger…

Continue reading

Oooo. Shiny.

TarHeelBlue.com has just unveiled a shiny new website:

Inside Carolina Basketball with Roy Williams

Very cool. What with the new museum and now this, we sure have lots of shiny new stuff around the program!

My Favorites

In trying to kill time until the BC game on Thursday, and since this blog still has that “new blog” smell, I thought it would be good to list some Born and Bred Ed Tar Heel favorites. Feel free to add your own.

Favorite Tar Heel Basketball Player(s):

I have to go with Numbers 34 here. George Lynch and David Noel.

As much as I love to see guys who fill up the basket or streak down the court, I love these guys because of their leadership and willingness to do everything to help the team, even the stuff that doesn’t get readily noticed. PsychoT will likely surpass Lynch on the career scoring list during our next game, and I sincerely hope we get to hear something from Eric Montross on the THSN broadcast about him.

Favorite Tar Heel Football Player(s):

If you didn’t think I was a sentimentalist already, this will seal it. Continue reading