Being a Tar Heel

If you read this blog regularly, then this post is not likely to add anything to your understanding of Tar Heels. But for the uninitiated, here are some of the basics about being a Tar Heel: Continue reading

I love you, but…

Psycho T

Did you ever have one of those conversations/discussions/lectures with your significant other that begins with them making real serious eye contact and saying something like:  “Sweetheart, you know I love you (pause), but….”  It is then that you are taken on a journey through all the things you do that drive them absolutely nuts until they are on the verge of smothering you with your pillow if you don’t roll over and shut up that dadgum snoring you fat piece of– anyway… you get a little desensitized to them after a while and actually learn to accept the “I love you” preface.  But the first one stings a bit.

 My Dearest Tyler.  I love you, you big galloot.  Before we met, I must admit, I don’t think I really knew what passion was.  Night after night, you find new ways to show me the depth of your passion and intensity…


You have GOT to learn how to pass to your teammates when you have drawn three defenders to yourself in the lane.  Dadgummit, boy, I know you love you the contact.  I know you love to score.  But Jiminy Christmas, you could be such a bigger threat if you could find your open teammates for layups when the entire defense collapses on you. 

I know, I know…you’re the same guy now that you were two years ago, and it’s probably not fair for me to ask you to change….  I just think we can take this relationship to the next level if you can grow a little, change a little.  Can you meet me half way?  Because if you can, I could see you later this spring picking out rings (or hanging banners or clipping nets).  Think about it, big guy.