Ooo that smell

Wendell Murphy can’t tell if that was his favorite basketball team or one of his hog farms that he smelled this afternoon. Continue reading

Sticks and Stones (and Elbows)


First off, this site bleeds Carolina blue. That means we also bear an inherent loathing for all things Dook or State related.

That said, BBE is vehemently in favor of intellectual honesty and free speech. We hate hypocrites. This kerfuffle over a classless move by a State baseball player during the UNC-State basketball game has brought these issues to the fore. Continue reading

How It’s Done

From this morning’s N&O:

It’s called the ”Free Expression Tunnel” at N.C. State, and some North Carolina fans used it to freely express their pleasure over the Tar Heels’ 84-70 victory Wednesday night over the Pack.The 150-foot underground tunnel on campus was painted Carolina blue hours after the Heels’ victory at the RBC Center. The final score was highlighted in black paint while the Carolina logo and UNC’s Old Well — the campus landmark smeared with red paint before the game — were painted in white.

The ”expressions” included: ”Rednecks!” and ”Go Blue!” and ”Roy doesn’t need a red suit.”

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